About the organising choirs

The Stockholm Gay Men’s Choir (stockholmsgaykor.se) is a male choir consisting of gay, bi- and transsexual singers. The choir is a non-profit association founded in 1982. The choir’s purpose is to gather gay, bi- and transsexual men who want to develop musically and create their own group identity. Through its own concerts and participation in external events, the choir wants to promote Swedish and international gay culture.

The choir is conducted by Jerry Adbo: musician, choir singer. He has been a choir conductor for 14 years and is now studying for the bachelor program in conductorship. He also leads the West End Stockholm musical choir (www.westendstockholm.se/springawakening). The Stockholm Gay Men’s Choir has, among many other things, participated in the Stadsmuseet video about choir singing in Stockholm, received the Swedish banner from King Carl XVI Gustaf during the celebration of the Swedish National Day in 2017. The choir has appeared in two official Stockholm Pride songs, in 2006 with After Dark (www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlW9kcy7EP4) and 2014 with Ola Salo (www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk5Hm8nyl74).

Sapphonia (kvinnokoren.org) is a women’s choir founded in 1984 with the name “Kvinnohuskören”. The choir is a non-profit association and its purpose is to create conditions for its members to develop musically and also through the choir’s concerts and participation in external events make lesbian culture and music visible.

Sapphonia is conducted by Frida Andreasson trained at the Musical Academy, she is a both music and singing teacher and a member of the ABBA choir (www.facebook.com/thechoir.se). Professional musicians are hired to the choir’s concerts. Sapphonia, among many other things, participated in Queertune 2017 in Helsinki, exchanged with the German choir Classical Lesbians, participated in European choir festivals, set up the musical Beautiful Nine and 2012 performed on the QX gala (www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xnTY-S2CSU).

Rainbow Gospel (rainbowgospel.se) is Sweden’s only LGBTQI gospel choir. The choir is a non-profit association that aims to allow its members to sing with people in all colors of the rainbow: women, men and non-binary, believers and non-believers, gay, bi- and heterosexual, cis and trans persons. Rainbow Gospel arranges own concerts and participates in various church and non-church events, usually in LGBTQI contexts.

The choir is conducted by Serny Lilja, choir leader and pianist, and Sara Brannäs, choir leader who received a record contract under the artist name Filiz (https://hymn.se/2018/03/04/videopremiar-filiz-the-game/). Rainbow Gospel participated in Marina Abramovic performance in Skeppsholmskyrkan 2017, was included in the exhibition The Cleaner at the Modern Museum in Stockholm. The choir participated in the performance Verkligheten at the City Teater and participated in the Modern Museum’s exhibition, With the future behind us.