About Queertune


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The Nordic HBTQI choir festival Queertune is an initiative of gay men’s choir Out ´n loud and the lesbian choir Kaupungin Naiset, both from Helsinki. On September 30, 2017, the Queertune choir festival was organized for the first time in Helsinki. More than 300 singers from 11 Nordic LGBTQI choirs from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland participated in Queertune 2017. 

Queertune 2019

Queertune 2019 is implemented as a collaboration project by the Stockholm Gay Men’s Choir, the Women’s Choir Sapphonia and Rainbow Gospel. All choirs have their main seat in Stockholm. 


The purpose of Queertune 2019 is to strengthen the Nordic LGBTQI community and, through singing, spread the Nordic LGBTQI culture both in the Nordic Region and in the world. Queertune aims to create a common platform for strengthening cooperation between Nordic LGBTQI choirs and creating opportunities for exchanging experiences and inspiration.

Target group

In addition to the invited Nordic choirs and their members, LGBTQI people in Stockholm, their families and social contacts are the primary target group for Queertune 2019. But the festival is open to everyone. So anyone who loves choir music is welcome to listen. About 350 choir singers will participate in the festival. Se the list of participated choirs (länk till sida)

Core values

Queertune 2019 is a manifestation of Nordic openness and tolerance. The very idea behind the festival is to include everyone regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation and counteract harassment that still exists against LGBTQI people. The organising choirs have a long experience of working for equal rights and visibility for LGBTQI people. Queertune 2019 has zero tolerance against violations and harassments.